This is Samuel Jiménez speaking, the founder of the project. I want to talk to you.

The roadmap is cool and most people put their faith in the project, on what’s written there. But I want to share with you why we are here. Why BeGlobal was born.

A few months ago, there were many clones popping up every day in BSC. I consider myself a degen farmer and I went into every new farm out there, trying to get some nice profits. But that was it. Once it was dry, I would move on. I always had the same issues:

  • Who is behind this DeFi? Will they rug me? Is the audit a proper one or it’s another automatic code checker with no real value?
  • Is it a ponzi scheme (deposit fees system)? How long do I need to generate profit and not be at a loss?
  • Will it last? Or is it better if I sell everything ASAP?

Have you been in the same spot I was? I bet you have.

And every single time, the answers were pretty straightforward. All new DeFis were simple clones that were here yesterday, but won’t be here tomorrow. It actually exasperated me.

Why is no one taking this seriously?

All projects are just using aggressive marketing strategies, but adding NO value at all.

However, the teams behind these projects believe (and they actually do!) that this is all it takes. MARKETING.

So if you do this part well, the DeFi project will be successful, while the product is either not so important or is already finished (forget improving anything or thinking about innovation, there’s no need for that).

To be fair, some DeFis were actually trying to follow a REAL roadmap. Still, in many cases, it was always the same thing… over and over again.

Why do I want 20 DeFis following the SAME roadmap? This doesn’t make any sense. They are not even interesting, to be honest.

After some time, I decided I could do better. Way better. In the end, I do have experience in many aspects needed to take on a project like this one.

Not only that, I knew the perfect team for it. And this is BeGlobal.

We are not just another clone. We want to be Gmail back in 2004 or the first iPhone in 2007.

They didn’t have something extraordinary (can you believe it?)… they integrated ALL the knowledge of the market in ONE place.

You didn’t need anything else, only a Gmail account or an iPhone. That’s it.

That insight was powerful and changed everything in the industry.

At BeGlobal, we are following the same philosophy.

We’ve studied the market and analyzed what makes a farm to be considered a good farm and what makes a farm be considered a bad farm. What problems we had when we were farming and how everything could be improved.

And what you are seeing now is the first version of that business study.

We could have launched a few months ago easily, just forking code and taking advantage of the pumps ongoing. But it’s not my style.

I’m a perfectionist and I can’t stand to put my name on something I don’t truly believe in.

I used to play online poker at night, but I’m no longer doing it (used to be my full-time job and, after that, I started to run my family business). Now, online poker it’s just a nice extra income and nothing else. BeGlobal is much more interesting and useful.

I have invested my own funds to be able to start this project from the very beginning.


Right now, there’s lots of liquidity in BSC and that makes it easy for some DeFis to succeed while the music is playing in the same way that meme tokens have been extremely popular this year.

But there are hardly any serious projects with an actual plan to stay here for the long term.

We have an AMM with low fees and we will autocompound other tokens for you, boosting your APR dramatically if you promise to keep your rewards vested. If you want to materialize the rewards, that’s fine.

We appreciate you coming with us anyway and we will still pay you more than a simple autocompound (just not as much) and we will award those tokens to someone else who actually trusts our system (in our locked vault).

We do not have deposit fees. They are pointless.

Instead, we have withdrawal fees to prevent others from continuously selling our tokens.

And if you would like to talk about collaborations, our door is open as long as you are interested in adding value to our platform and our community (🤝 Business Partnerships).

We’re just getting started, but we already have more features and integration than other DeFis (AMM, optimizer with high rewards, multiple vested pools + locked pool, different fee system…).

Soon, we will also include NFTs and add exclusivity on top of everything. This is one of the features I’m most excited about. I believe the community is going to fall in love with our plans for NFTs once we unfold them. I can’t wait to finish it up and implement it!

Don’t look at the roadmap. It’s interesting, well, partly, yes. But it doesn’t give you an insight of what BeGlobal is.

Besides, some of our ideas can’t be disclosed yet as there are some factors involved that don’t depend solely on us, but they are there.

Instead, I ask you to look at our vision. At what we want to do. At how we are planning things and how we are going to execute them. Our team is here to deliver and fill the gap of integration and innovation that is lacking in BSC.

Our intention is to hire a big team (20+ people) to start running the business with full power and take BeGlobal to the top rankings. We have the knowledge, the skills and the experience. You and me, we need each other.

Let’s take this journey together.

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