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👋🏻 Hello BeGlobal family,

A quick recap of the article:

  • Whitelist presale: from 1st of October +5days.
  • Public presale: from 11th of October +2days.
  • Launch: shortly after, once we review the Certik audit (should be 15th tops). — Born in Barcelona

🔒 The whitelist registration has closed. We run it for three weeks, and we are amazed by how many people have joined! We had plans of heavy (really heavy!) marketing for the last week, but we put it off after changing our launch strategy… And we still made well over 2500 people with interest to invest +4000BNBs! These numbers are really something. This is after we cleaned up many multi-accounts trying to cheat the system (gleam has a sound detecting system, and we have reviewed ALL applications one by one). We are overwhelmed by your love for our project and are incredibly excited to deliver you the best DeFi in BSC! It’s going to be legen-wait for it-dary!

Overall, we had over 133,000 legitimate entries. We are thrilled to get close to the launch and to see how our project has received so much support from the community. We have been working on it since May. After sleepless nights for months, it makes us extremely happy to see the finish line.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 We know that the community is eager to start the presale and see live. However, we have been taking our time to make sure everything runs smoothly. We hope to prevent unforeseen surprises if the plan is deployed ideally. We could have launched in June or July and carried on coding afterward. We want to stay long-term, set up a proper company with many developers to bring you all DeFi features in one place. We are not a group of 3 kids working on the weekends. We are senior devs and managers that want to bring you the best of DeFi. Our roadmap requires substantial funding, and going to VCs would have been the easy way. However, we are concerned that VCs entering at an early stage of the project might be counter-productive for the mid-term project because they will likely want to cash in and materialize as soon as possible. Hence, we decided to do a whitelisted presale.

▶️ Our presale system consisted on leaving some investors out (around 30%) to guarantee some buying pressure at launch. However, most investors first ask the questions:

❓ “When is presale, and how much hard cap?

We don’t blame them. We are used to having soft and hard caps, and most people don’t have the time to learn about other systems. Therefore, we decided to listen to the community’s concerns and make it easier to onboard new investors. We came up with an improved plan for launch:

▶️ We will heavily reduce the number of people whitelisted, dropping it down below 25% of the applicants.

▶️ We will do a public presale with a hard cap of 7345BNB.

There is no soft cap. We have been working for months. We fully believe in our product. And we are confident this is going to work, so we don’t need a soft cap.

On top of that, we have already seen high interest in purchasing $GLOBAL in our whitelist process. The whitelist presale round will be used for heavy marketing at launch, for liquidity, and to cover the initial expenses of hiring more devs, offices, and so on. Basically, to cover the bases of our foundation. Despite this, we have already allocated and paid $50,000 for the public presale from our funds! And we are going to invest MORE for the launch!

We decrease the selling pressure at launch with the new plan because fewer people will have significant discounts from the whitelist round. Between rounds, we will also engage with more investors. We will also use the whitelist round to increase the marketing budget for public presale and launch, giving us much more room to grow from the very beginning.

❓ So, “when are presales?

As you well know, for us, trust and security are a priority. That’s why we paid Certik to schedule the audit of our code as soon as possible. They already started, and after reviewing it, they have updated us with a new deadline: between October 6–12. As you probably already know, we have been running with our funds so far, and we have everything ready for the presale and launch. Everything is paid, and we are waiting to have it deployed at the right time. Therefore, we are not in a hurry to start the presale, and we will do it as close as possible to launch.

Given that there will be an announcement on the 4th or 5th of October and the Certik audit can last until the 12th of October (and then we will review the audit and apply whatever changes they suggest), we have scheduled presales in the following way:

  • Whitelist presale: from 1st to 5th of October.
  • Public presale: from 11th to 12th of October.
  • Launch: shortly after, once we review the Certik audit (should be 15th tops).

We want to have some time in between rounds and put the last one as close as possible to our launch date. However, we might move forward with the public presale if the audit is finished and reviewed sooner.

❗ - The rounds will take place in our dapp and not at pancakeswap, as we have our own AMM, and the amounts sold will be the following:

  • 4700 GLOBAL/BNB in the whitelist round.
  • 4350 GLOBAL/BNB in the public presale.
  • 4100 GLOBAL/BNB at launch.

There is no min/max allocation per wallet and the public presale will be opened for 2 hours at least.

Regarding the addresses whitelisted, we will publish them in our announcement channel. Don’t forget to also join our chat group.

🏆 Finally, just a reminder that we have two competitions ongoing for the whitelist round. The referral and the investor’s competitions. Once we finish the round, we will check:

  • The max. investments from the same wallet.
  • The max investments from your referrals (that invested, at least, 0.3BNBs).

Create a ranking and allocate/pay the prizes.

We also have the 1% investment back bonus from your referrals as long as they invest 1BNB. We are preparing all the data structure now, and that’s why whitelist addresses will be posted tomorrow.

This is all for today. We had a voice chat a few days ago where we already explained how we were going to do it, but for those who missed it, this is our plan of action.

We are very excited to start this journey together!! In a matter of weeks, will be everywhere. Don’t miss out!



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