💪🏻 How to survive in a bear market or how to make money with PRIVATE presales 🤑

📣 Dear BGlobians!

👉🏻 Market hasn’t been pretty recently, has it? Some people are even talking about the You-Know-Who AKA Cryptowinter or Bear Market. Is it such a big deal? At BeGlobal, we understand that we are in a period of uncertainty and fear. This leads to less volume traded and with a tendency for most altcoins to go down, usually harder than BTC. In fact, BTC is -50% from the top while most altcoins are -80% or worse. How do you make it in such market? Chasing pumps is not very wise. You are heavily exposed to the quick turnarounds of the market and pumps don’t last long. Usually, the market doesn’t have enough power to do so.

👉🏻 So, what happens when the fear and index of Bitcoin is so low? How do you make money? Getting into projects early.

You are not going to make it FOR REAL if you are apeing into projects that are ALREADY massively pumping. You are late for a 100x. If you get into the first pump you can still make it though. That’s what we all want, right? 100x, a Lambo… Yeah, the typical empty marketing most shitcoins do. We all want big money, that’s for sure. Maybe you get a x3 or x5 if you are lucky, but unless you get into the project at a VERY early stage, you are missing all those gains.

🧐 Woah. That sounds simple, why isn’t everyone rich? We only need to get into projects early, don’t we? Well, the answer is quite straight forward as well:

▶️ If you research projects by yourself, you have a limited amount of information to work with.

▶️ Quite probably, you don’t know enough to evaluate the projects in depth.

▶️ You will not be able to get into the best projects anyways: they are heavily oversubscribed even before they launch. Before they are out, everything is sold to people with contacts.

▶️ Should you be lucky enough to find the right one on time, you would probably be able to buy it through a launchpad, which requires a tremendous amount of capital and to expose yourself to the swings of the token platform. You need to hold 50.000$+ of the launchpad token to get 200$ of the project launched. If the launchpad token goes down dramatically, do does your money.

All in all, as you can see, it’s not easy.

However, you are in luck. 🔥 At BeGlobalDAO, we have access to private sales that come extremely filtered to us. These projects are very likely to give very good returns back, with multiple ‘x’. It’s not a +30% what we are looking at. It’s not a x2 either. We are talking about several ‘x’s.🔥

😏 What kind of projects will we let our GLBD holders access?

There are different factors to select a project, and most of the times it will be a combination of them. However, the most important one is in what launchpad they are launched. Let’s talk a look at the actual numbers:

This is the list of the top launchads by profit. Let’s read the chart:

  • Current ROI: how many ‘x’ (on average) projects do after several months from launch.
  • ATH ROI: all time high of how many ‘x’ the project did at some point (this is usually at launch).
  • TGEs: how many launches they have performed.

🔝 This is the TOP20. As you can see, the All Time High (ATH) ROI is ridiculously high. Ok, we are not going to shill bulshit marketing like other projects, let’s be serious. ATH ROI is not realistic. We count on 30% to 50% of it at TGE (AKA launch, TGE stands for Token Generation Event). If the average ATH is ¿50x? we see that 15x-25x is probably very common at launch. After a few months, the ROI is still very high in general. 🤑

▶️ Launchpads do look profitable, don’t they? The problem is the huge amount of capital you need to get an extremely small allocation.

▶️ Well, our deals are BETTER and you will require WAY less capital. We almost always have a better price than those launchpads.

Why? Because launchpads are for the general public. We get access to early projects in their private sale rounds, which has more advantage than a launchpad. 💰This is how you actually can make big amounts of money:

  • Find good projects. There are thousands in the market, but top launchpads are very, very selective. They need to be as selective as possible.
  • Be able to buy the project at the earliest stage possible.

If launchpads make so many ‘x’s, how many can we expect from private sales

This is how excellent projects, the ones that last, are cooked. Yes, sometimes you might see a new project that launched without a launchpad actually working. There are always outliners. However, almost any good project will be launch through one of the top platforms. They help them grow with advisoring, connecting them with people in the industry and bootstrapping people’s interest. A powerful project would never launch on its own.

▶️ There are hundreds of launchpads, but we are talking about the top ones here. These are our/your opportunities. Forget about trading bitcoin to get a 10% extra. Forget about apeing into shitcoins ending up rugged, scammed or with no funds at all after huge dumps by influencers.

😏 Do what big VCs and whales actually do: use our connections to get into the best projects early and look for multiple ‘x’s. Don’t think short term.

Actually, invest for real. It gives way more profit than trading or apeing into whatever is hot at the moment. You can relax your mind, no stress needed, just wait to receive the tokens and work accordingly. In fact, even the price of GLBD will become irrelevant. As long as you have the opportunity to participate in these private sale rounds from projects extremely filtered and high quality, you are good.

💡 Focus on what’s important: making as much profit as possible after a few months/year. Forget about what happens in 2–3–4–5–6–7–15 days. Go where the real money is. Get into the best private presales. Look at the stats. Can you imagine making so many ‘x’s in almost any investment you do? I bet you would take it easy. Crypto is not about doing a lot. It is about doing it right and wait for the right opportunities. BeGlobalDAO gives you all its knowledge to make that happen.

👀 See you in the first presale: outer ring metaverse (look at the partners!).

🚨 PD: We have 2 more private presales closed for February already ;)

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