BeGlobalDAO. Launching, migration and plans [English — Work in progress]

Dear BGlobians,

This is going to be a long post, but it is a lot of information that is impossible to sum up. We are covering the following topics:

TL;DR: until the bonds of the 2.0 are out, you don’t have to do anything, do not worry.

Please, take your time to read all the information properly. It’s in your best interest!

In the next posts, we will explain what’s new about BeGlobalDAO and why you shouldn’t miss it at all. Very big things coming. There are 3 projects associated with BeGlobalDAO and we will reveal the first one soon. The second one during January and the project S, as soon as we can.

🚀 Official references and All things about BeGlobal🚀

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BeGlobal Finance

an Automated Market Maker, High-Yield Optimizer, Launchpad and, coming soon, NFT governance with other exclusive features yet-to-be-disclosed.