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2 min readDec 12, 2021


Quite often, it can be messy and difficult to track your investments when doing DeFi. That’s why we have decided to on board WalletNow as a partner!

WalletNow is an advanced crypto portfolio monitoring solution. It aggregates all your DeFi & CeFi investments in a searchable table and actively monitors it with an integrated Telegram Bot. With detailed LP information, impermanent loss and yields calculation, you are always in control of your wallet. How many times we check what the IL of our investment was? Finally, we have a solution for it.

WalletNow helps you track your DeFi investments

This portfolio tracker packs some nice features, such as a “Time Machine” to see all your investments as they were in the past, excel export, NFTs viewer, integration with the Binance Exchange, and much more! The telegram bot will keep you posted on the most important changes related to your crypto, so you can invest with peace of mind!

For the first month, all BeGlobal users can take advantage of WalletNow gold membership. Check it out!

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