🚀BeGlobal launches BeGlobal Academy 👨🏻‍🏫, the place to learn the basics about crypto and DeFi [ENG]

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1 min readDec 20, 2021


📣Dear BGlobians,

❓Do you remember the hustle of installing metamask extension, to make sure to keep your seed offline and somewhere safe, to configure the networks in your hot wallet, to add contracts tokens on it and so on?

It’s definitely quite difficult, specially if you are not very techie. And we get that. It’s not an easy process and the crypto world still has a long way to go until this is done seamlessly for the average Joe.

🔥 That’s why we have decided to launch the BeGlobal academy🔥.

▶️ Short videos that will explain you the basics of crypto, with special emphasis on DeFi. In the course of the next weeks, we will be releasing videos that will be uploaded to youtube for everyone to watch.

Of course, you can expect the first ones to be 2.0 because it’s around the corner,⭐ but expect videos for more beginners as well as long as for more advanced users. We hope you find them useful!

🚀 Official references and All things about BeGlobal🚀

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💬 TG Chat: https://t.me/BeGlobalFinance

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