BeGlobal launch details

As we approach the presale rounds, more investors are asking details about the project and how the different phases of the launch will be done. Let’s start from the very beginning. Look at the following list of projects/features:

▶️Pancakeswap (MC: 4000M$) — Swap.

▶️Alpaca (MC:120M$) — Leverage farming.

▶️ Qubit (MC: 73m$) — Lending/borrow.

▶️ Pancakebunny (MC: 32M$) — Optimizer.

▶️ Adamant (MC: 32M$) — Optimizer.

▶️ Dxsale (MC: 27M$) — Liquidity locked/launcher.

▶️ NFTs (collection, utilities).

- Etc.

(Note: above all, we are a DEX/Swap. They usually have much higher marketcap than optimizers for obvious reasons)

We can basically see most of the relevant projects in BSC. The ones that you might be using every day. Of course, the list is not exhaustive and there are also forks of each DAPP. As you can notice, we can appreciate that every different item on the list focuses on one DeFi feature.

I have added a description on the left side, along with the marketcap in brackets. NFTs doesn’t have a marketcap because there are no DeFi platforms offering NFTs with real utility (most of them are collections, if any), unless they are gamefi. All of them have independent teams developing and if we sum all the members involved, it easily gives us a few hundreds.

Now, this is what we have in the market. What’s BeGlobal going to have within the first weeks after launch? We will offer and improved version of the following features:

▶️ Pancakeswap (swap) — Fees dropped down from 0.25% to 0.085%. ~65% cheaper than pancake!

▶️ Pancakebunny (optimizer) — Multiple strategies to boost the APR dramatically. You can earn many more rewards in our auto-compound vaults.

▶️ Adamant — We have also added locked and vested vaults to diminish selling pressure.

▶️ NFTs (collection, utilities) — It will heavily reduce selling pressure and it will be released in the first weeks. Gamified version of NFTs with utilities. More on this soon.

🔒 Certik audit before launch.

🔥 Some more features to decrease selling pressure as well that we will announce at launch and deploy within first 2 weeks (approx.).

Of course, there is more to this. Stake $GLOBAL to earn other tokens, no deposit fees, etc. But this post is not about BeGlobal in detail but a general overview of our features. Considering how we start, which is an improved version of different DAPPs integrated, along with Certik and innovation through NFTs, what should our marketcap be? We are constantly asked what is our marketcap projection. We can’t tell. That’s not entirely up to us. What we can tell you ishow we start and where we are going to be (product-wise) in the short term, which is what most people are worried about.

Mid-long term I don’t have any questions: when you have everything available for any kind of investor… Well, let’s say if would be very difficult to have a low marketcap, at the very least.

We have put on the table what our marketcap could be, based on the market references we all have.

🌐 So far, we have spent over 150.000$ in external costs, involving Certik audit (lots of new code developed)), LunaPR as a marketing agency, a bunch of different subcontractors for design, website, etc., and lots of influencers as well. Not even 1/3 of the budget has been used yet (we have paid different services but they will be released closer to the public presale). We will also allocate more funds from our whitelist round towards the launch: more influencers, CMC fasttrack, Poo coin ads, dappradar (DeFi), etc.

🌐As you can appreciate, the initial spendings are not far from 1000BNBs (summing up what we have already spent from our funding + what we will spend after the WL round and not considering any kind of salary at all). On top of that, we need lots of BNBs for liquidity. But most importantly, to scale up the team. Fast and efficiently. Those who have been following us already know that BeGlobal team consists of professionals with deep experience in multiple fields and good and well rewarded careers. We are not setting up BeGlobal to have a pet project to work at nights or at the weekends. We have planned to make BeGlobal a top DeFi, integrating as many DeFi features as possible. We were degen farmers ourselves and we have designed it for you, our community. Our hardcap is 7345BNB and some investors that don’t know much about the project have claimed that we should raise 500–1000BNB. Well, as you can see, this doesn’t even cover the costs of setting up BeGlobal, not to mention carry on developing it at the right pace. As we have mentioned frequently, our aim is to develop our roadmap within 6 months. If you compare the size of all the projects above and what we are trying to do here… You will understand why our hardcap is more than fair. We need funding for:

▶️ Initial costs.

▶️ Marketing after launch.

▶️ Quick and fast development (LOTS to come).

Our roadmap is not focused on marketing and partnerships (even though you can take them for granted, it goes without saying that we will have those) but on the product. We have heard claims to limit the presale to 2BNB, or similar quantities, per wallet. You can use multiple wallets to buy, which makes this limit quite pointless. And as an AMM, lots of users come straight away, looking for the first APRs (especially considering we are a doxxed team with Certik passed). Nevertheless, we will have users with the huge marketing push we will do at presale/launch along with continuous marketing afterwards. On the other hand, we will do our best to give utility to $GLOBAL as well as implement (with top priority) the features that will help reduce the selling pressure immediately as much as possible (and increase buying pressure as well, of course). But what we KNOW is that, if we can expand and escalate the team to what the project requires (see above projects as reference), we are going to be so complete and better than ANY current BSC DeFi in the short term. is going to kill it.

When I invest in a project which is not a meme token but a serious one, I’m not looking for a quick pump and dump. I want to invest and forget about it to see how it develops and delivers. We could set a minimum hardcap of ¿4500BNB maybe? But we would limit our development speed dramatically (consider as well: we are a registered business and we have to pay lots of taxes!), as it wouldn’t allow us to do everything required/fast. And as I said, this is not a pet project. This is a project that aims to climb up the rankings week by week, with fast and parallel development. We are not going to be doing one project at a time once set, but multiple ones. We truly believe we are going to be tremendously well positioned in the market. We are ready for this actually: while Certik is auditing our code, our focus is on the deploy/launch but also doing preparations to start escalating the project like no other. We will share more information about this, but we can already tell you that we are going to be highly competitive here.

So, all in all, the initial spendings (which I believe most people don’t realize how high they are when you launch something serious and not just a fork “to see how it goes”), the fact that we are public and registered –thus, we have to also pay tax- and that it’s not a pet project but that we want to expand the team considerably to make sure investors get the product advertised (and, along, the increase of marketcap that this should have), we decided to put a hardcap at 7345BNB. Our liquid marketcap will be almost identical and you can see how far it is from any of the projects above. You can also go to icodrops and check how much other serious projects raise.

One concern raised by the community is the lack of “back up” from other companies/investors. Our project clearly requires certain initial funding to run and our idea was to get VCs to invest in us. However, we ended up discarding this opportunity for two reasons:

🌐 When you start a project and you are not public yet, you have no real power when negotiating.

🌐 Mid-term is pretty bad for the project as there would be constant dump from institutional investors materialising their profits. They don’t miss the chance.

We reached the conclusion that removing heavy selling pressure mid-term was preferred. As we were commenting above, we are interested in delivering the full product to our investors within 6 months while also increasing the value of $GLOBAL. A VC would be good for the BeGlobal team, but not for other investors. And that’s what we care the most. However, we haven’t been chilling here either. We are in talks with a real-world-company to set up a partnership that will be very beneficial for the project/investors. As a matter of fact, we only need to discuss details, but the partnership is granted. Once we make it public, you will see what kind of backup we have. We are sure you will find it very adequate for our business.

Some more alpha for those reading us and before we launch: BeGlobal is just the first project. We are already working on others that will go “through” Global. But let’s talk about this after launch.

🔥 As you can see, plans are big. Product, team, marketing, partnerships… We’ve got it all. BeGlobal has been developed for months, not only code-wise, but as a business. And we have long experience on both fields. We are going to make this work big time. This is not a long-term project neither a pump and dump. This is a mid-term project. We will deliver within months, bringing the most value to investors.

⏭️ Next important piece of information will be shared on the 4th of October.

Whitelist presale will take place in our website. Public presale, in the DAPP. Once you purchase the tokens, you will receive them in your wallet, but you will not be able to move/transfer them until we launch.

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an Automated Market Maker, High-Yield Optimizer, Launchpad and, coming soon, NFT governance with other exclusive features yet-to-be-disclosed.

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BeGlobal Finance

BeGlobal Finance

an Automated Market Maker, High-Yield Optimizer, Launchpad and, coming soon, NFT governance with other exclusive features yet-to-be-disclosed.

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