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Dear BGlobians,

Our last post dates from around 10 days ago but we haven’t stopped working! In fact, we were very, very busy. Last weekend, our founder Samuel Jiménez attended the crypto event in Gibraltar. This was announced just a few days before in our telegram channel. You can take a look at the quality of the speakers, mostly CEOs of reputable companies:

Speakers at CryptoGib

There were many more companies attending, but not all of them were on stage. Samy was in the DeFi panel with James Bowater as a moderator (founder of Crypto A.M.), Ismail Malik (CEO of Blockchain labs) and Mikko Ohtamaa (CEO of

The event was great to let people know about Given the level of the people attending, they are mainly focused on new technology and trends, and that’s why it surprised them to know that we were launching in BSC. However, after explaining them about the big gap in integration and innovation that BSC is suffering –even if there are thousands of dapps- they all bought the idea and were very interested in knowing more details. Actually, it was an amazing opportunity for networking and we are still discussing different opportunities with multiple parties afterwards. We hope to give you something more concrete soon.

On the other hand, we just received the preliminary Certik report and most of the findings were already solved in our testing phase, which means that we will send them an updated code within 24 working hours, hoping to have the full review and approval very soon. After this, we will have our public presale and launch We are very excited of finally going live and start delivering all the features included in the roadmap!

Stay tuned in our channels to be up to date!

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