Welcome to BeGlobal finance! Get ready because everything you know about DEX, Yield Optimization, farming, NFTs and more…


➡️ So what is BeGlobal?

BeGlobal goes by a lot of names: an Automated Market Maker, High-Yield Optimizer, Launchpad and, coming soon, NFT governance with other exclusive features yet-to-be-disclosed.

In a nutshell, we’re an entirely new Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.

You can view our platform and additional details at BeGlobal.Finance.

But, that’s just the start of what we’re building.

🏠 Our plan is to become the ultimate home for DeFi.

In other words, we want to become your…

💯One-stop shop for DeFi!

To accomplish this vision, one of our priorities is to build a lot of great decentralized applications (Dapps) for our BeGlobal Community.

We are not going to “just integrate” all known Dapps in one place. It’s going to be much more than that.

You can check the details on our roadmap or, should we say, to-do list? (This will be updated every time we achieve a new target)

Ok, so you already know a little bit about our plans for the future.

Now, let’s get into the present…

We’ve made the decision to take off combining some of the features of the most successful DeFi projects in our platform (with a twist).

That’s why we’ve included the following features on BeGlobal , such as:

🔁 Automated Market Maker (AMM)

👨‍🌾 Yield-farming

​🤑​ Yield optimizer with HIGHER rewards than anyone

🔒 $GLOBAL vaults

🥇 Earn other tokens by staking $GLOBAL

🔥 Earn and use NFTs… (coming soon)

💰 Lending and borrowing platform (coming soon)

It looks like we’re starting with the “basics” (we’ll talk more about each one of these features in a moment) but once you go through them, you will realize that BeGlobal is an improved version of everything that’s currently available in the DeFi space.

Actually, it’s a much better version.

Let me explain.

There are many DEXs/Farms, etc… Launching every day, and most are, in some way, simple forks with minor changes. They expect to simply market their own dapp and make it successful. Out of the blue. Just like that.

At the same time, while DeFi has been growing, there’s also no shortage of scams, rug-pulls, shitcoins, fraudulent schemes and misleading products trying to rip you off from your hard-earned money. Most launch as fast as possible to pocket money, but this comes at a high cost of likely exploits. For us, security is a priority.

BeGlobal’s core team consists of five professionals with deep experience in multiple fields, four of whom are developers.

But wait, there’s more.

We’re also bringing you another unfair advantage.

You won’t have to worry about trusting your money 💸💸 to an anonymous team.

Our team is public, which is very uncommon in DeFi. Anyone can check our Linkedin profiles.

After all, our information is OPENLY available to anyone who wants to see it for themselves

Rug-pulling (or any type of scam) is NOT an option for us.

Everything we’ve accomplished in our careers is on the line.

🔐 Security should ALWAYS come first.

There’s a famous saying in the crypto world: The code speaks for itself, meaning that you don’t have to know who is the team behind the project, only what the code does.

In other words, you don’t need to trust a team if you can verify all their work.

But, can you read the code? We know a lot of people can’t.

We show you who we are to let you know that we are working for you, not against you. We are not afraid to show you our faces because we have nothing to hide.

That’s why we’ve made sure our platform is audited by Certik, the most trusted security firm in blockchain, BEFORE the official launch.

The audit report and other security measures implemented on our platform will be available here.

Now… the moment you’ve been waiting for: the main features.

🚀 This is how we’ll make BeGlobal Finance the place to be in DeFi!

One of the hottest places to be in DeFi is Binance Smart Chain. That’s where we start.

But let’s be honest here. As we pointed out above, many forks are EXACTLY the same as the original… So, why bother with another one?

At BeGlobal we made the decision to change that.

We’ll be removing features that don’t make sense, such as: deposit fees, the same strategy for auto-compounding, useless tokens, etc.

And improving and adding other things, such as: vesting and locked periods to reward holders,multiple strategies for auto-compounding, cheaper trading fees, higher burning rate in the AMM, NFTs with multiple utilities, etc.

Most of these features are not popular on BSC. There are multiple copies of some of them, doing exactly the same thing and not integrated in ONE ecosystem.

You’ll finally understand what we’ve been doing to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. Imagine all the dapps… In one place. Connected. And better.

Let’s go:

🔁 Automated Market Maker (AMM)

You’re probably tired of hearing about an AMM being launched, only to find out later that it’s nothing new. However, there’s a reason why you should come with us to swap your tokens: our fees are much lower than the standard in the industry. And what’s even more interesting for you, part of our community, over 50% of the fee is used to burn $GLOBALs.

👨‍🌾 Yield-farming

Of course, we need liquidity for our AMM. We have completely removed the deposit fees which only lead to an unfortunate halt of operations in the mid-long term, by definition. We have added withdrawal fees to prevent people from gaming the system. They aren’t much and they are mainly used to burn $GLOBALs.

We will make sure that APRs are interesting at launch, but don’t expect a block emission of 100 tokens/block (see tokenomics for further information here). We are not a degen farm. We are here to bring you all DeFi features and stay in the long term.

​🤑​ Yield optimizer with HIGHER rewards than anyone

It’s really rare to find this combo: AMM + yield optimizer. It sounds impossible, given that AMMs don’t get along well with optimizers.

At BeGlobal, you’ll find a yield optimizer of other tokens from other AMMs.

One of our features is an APR Booster, which means that you’ll have higher APRs by auto-compounding in our farms. How so?

We will have multiple strategies that will be shown on our website. For instance, assume that your APR is 100%, we will offer you these strategies:

  1. An APR of 130%, paying you 75% of the rewards in your staked asset and the remaining in $GLOBALs.
  2. An APR of 160%, paying you 50% of the rewards in your staked asset and the remaining in $GLOBALs.

As you can see, you can choose what auto-compounding strategy suits you better, ranging from a 30% to an extra 60% boost. Multiple strategies for auto-compounding are exclusive from BeGlobal.

Please, check a more detailed explanation of how it works in our documentation here.

🔒 $GLOBAL vaults

We’ll introduce vested and locked vaults, which are not well-known in BSC but are popular in other networks like Polygon, working very well in their purpose to keep the token’s price up.

Rewards from yield-farming are free to use, but those coming from the yield-optimizer will go directly to the vested pool. While they are there, you will receive APR. Should you decide to materialize your $GLOBAL rewards, you will pay a penalty fee. However, by definition, you will always have a higher APR in the yield-optimizer than a simple auto-compound, because the fee is set in a way that you always get extra rewards. Rewards in the vested pool are paid in $BNB.

On the other hand, we will have locked vaults. If you believe in BeGlobal and you are committed to not sell tokens for a period of time, we want to reward you. You will receive APR in $BNB and also all the penalty fees paid in the vested pool, increasing your APR dramatically.

🥇 Earn other tokens by staking $GLOBAL

You know exactly what I’m talking about: tokens created with the main purpose of being sold and nothing else.

Not here at BeGlobal .

No more huge emission rates that drop the value of tokens.

No more staking pools with no utility.

Now you’ll finally have tokens with REAL utility instead of tokens with no value. $GLOBAL will have a clear utility around NFTs, but we can’t disclose it yet. Be patient, but I can tell you it’s going to be legen-wait for it-dary.

🔥 Earn NFTs (coming soon)

Now this is something you’ll be really excited about.

If you like NFTs, get ready… because we’ll do governance through NFTs. And there are more interesting plans behind the scenes that we are working on… We just can’t tell you yet. But NFTs will be one of your key strengths. You will be able to be part of our exclusive club with multiple special and unique features for you. Stay tuned for further updates, you don’t want to miss it.

💰 Lending and borrowing platform (coming soon)

When a bank loans you money, you pay back the loan with interest.

And thanks to DeFi, things have changed. Let’s flip the script.

Now, it’s YOUR turn to become a bank.

And if you’re keeping your crypto in a wallet, you’re leaving rewards on the table.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Soon, BeGlobal will introduce a Lending and Borrowing platform and you’ll have the opportunity to start earning interest on crypto.

The features above are how we set ground and start. Needless to say, we have other minor features that are more or less standard across the industry that we believe, when well implemented, are very useful: 🚀launchpad, 👨‍🌾 harvest lockups, 🐋anti-whale mechanism, anti-flash loans attacks…

We are obsessed with fixing EVERYTHING that’s wrong in the DeFi market. We want to bring you only the best DeFi products.

And nope, we weren’t kidding when we said that our plan is to…

COMPLETELY REIMAGINE everything you know about DEX, AMM, Yield Optimization, Yield Farming, NFTs and much more.

Now, will you join us and be part of the BeGlobal Community?

The whitelist presale will start soon. Follow us on our socials to have further details!

We’ll be waiting for you!

See you there. 👋 👋 👋

Official references and All things about BeGlobal:

💬 TG Chat: https://t.me/BeGlobalFinance

📣 News Channel: https://t.me/BeGlobalAnnouncements

🕊️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Beglobaldefi

an Automated Market Maker, High-Yield Optimizer, Launchpad and, coming soon, NFT governance with other exclusive features yet-to-be-disclosed.