Dear BGlobians,

Our last post dates from around 10 days ago but we haven’t stopped working! In fact, we were very, very busy. Last weekend, our founder Samuel Jiménez attended the crypto event in Gibraltar. This was announced just a few days before in our telegram channel. …

The roadmap is cool and most people put their faith in the project, on what’s written there. But I want to share with you why we are here. Why BeGlobal was born.

A few months ago, there were many clones popping up every day in BSC. I consider myself a…

How will solve the issues the industry is facing

Everyone who comes into DeFi feels fascinated by the promise of high yields, high returns, that’s for sure.

Probably, one of the first things you might have checked are the APRs that you could earn in order to decide on…

As we approach the presale rounds, more investors are asking details about the project and how the different phases of the launch will be done. Let’s start from the very beginning. Look at the following list of projects/features:

▶️Pancakeswap (MC: 4000M$) — Swap.

▶️Alpaca (MC:120M$) — Leverage farming.

▶️ Qubit…

👋🏻 Hello BeGlobal family,

A quick recap of the article:

  • Whitelist presale: from 1st of October +5days.
  • Public presale: from 11th of October +2days.
  • Launch: shortly after, once we review the Certik audit (should be 15th tops). — Born in Barcelona

🔒 The whitelist registration has closed. We run it for three weeks, and…

Welcome to BeGlobal finance! Get ready because everything you know about DEX, Yield Optimization, farming, NFTs and more…


BeGlobal Finance

an Automated Market Maker, High-Yield Optimizer, Launchpad and, coming soon, NFT governance with other exclusive features yet-to-be-disclosed.

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